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Referral Scheme

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Do you have friends or colleagues who would benefit from our service?

Send us the details of a friend or former colleague who you think could benefit from our recruitment service via the form on this page or by emailing their details to your Tritusa Recruitment Account Manager.

If an individual refers a candidate to Tritusa Recruitment that Tritusa Recruitment in turn place into a role, the individual that referred the candidate will receive:

  • $500 voucher – For a permanent placement
  • $400 voucher – For a contract placement 3+ months
  • $300 voucher – For a contract placement 1 – 2 months

Candidate Referral Form

  • The payment of the voucher will be due when the referred candidate has completed 3 months at the job which they were placed in.
  • Please note the candidate must not be somebody that Tritusa Recruitment have been speaking to in the last 3 months.